We born in September 2011 as a company, physically incubated at Pedro Nunes Institute in Coimbra. R&D company dedicated to the development of sales technology and management solutions. We integrate technologies such as RFID and NFC in automation activities in order to simplify complex, lengthy and costly procedures. As technology partners, the University of Coimbra, for software engineering and the IPN LAS, for RFID and NFC technologies, consolidating a perfect harmony between hardware/software.

“The future does not exist, really. It is created for us in the present." - Tolstoi


Research and development of innovative processes, simplifying complex processes, privileging the quality of the information produced.


Creation of technological solutions to monetize the full potential of our customers, creating if necessary, tailored solutions.


Innovation, total dedication to developing cutting-edge R&D technology, personalized customer to customer development.

Quality Policy

Satisfaction of our customers needs and continuous production of software solutions that allows you to respond to your business.

SIGER Software

Composed by powerful features that will increase your revenue, save time and reduce costs.


SIGER software revolutionizes the way how you monetizes and lets you control your business.
Adaptable. Configurable. Intuitive. Accessible.


SIGER works in multi-platform in order to meet the needs and preferences of our partners. Connects Linux and Windows systems in the same network.


SIGER involves hardware specifically designed for real-time stock control - Polp, DD 's and Stock Tag's. We develop software that interconnects with a wide range of generic hardware: ticket, A4 printers, cash drawers, advertising graphical displays, among others.


SIGER provides real-time access to the number of customers in the establishment, allowing assess their consumption. Enables control of financial current and pending bills.


SIGER offers billing reports of the house in the current time, offers SAFT and sales reports. It allows reporting on printers of 40 columns or A4.


SIGER does the production of statistical analyzes in real time for sales and provides information regarding the products sold in different timelines .


SIGER is a multilanguage software per user, meeting the increasing globalization and the diversity of nationalities of the employees in the establishment.




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